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Name: Jason W Brown

Place of birth: New York 





College: University of California, Los Angeles/Berkeley, BA 1959 

Medical School: University of Southern California, Los Angeles, MD 1963 

Post-doctoral Training: 

Internship: St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Washington DC 1963-1964 

Residency: UCLA Medical Center, Neurology, 1964-1967 


Military Service:


USAMC, Major, Korea/San Francisco 1967-1969 

Licensure and Certifications: 

California G-10503 

Connecticut 24831 

Massachusetts 32095 

New York 107557 


Board Certified Neurology 1972: No 12364 


Academic Appointments: 


1993 - Date: Visiting Scholar, New York Psychoanalytic Institute

1979 - 2006: Clinical Professor, Neurology, New York University Medical Center

1975 - 1979: Clinical Associate Professor, NYU Medical Center 

1978 - 1979: Visiting Associate Professor, Rockefeller University, with George Miller

1970 - 1975: Clinical Assistant Professor, Neurology, Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital, N.Y.

1972 - 1975: Visiting Assistant Professor, Neurology, Albert Einstein Medical Center, N.Y. 

1969 - 1970: A year with Norman Geschwind. Instructor, Neurology, Boston University Medical School, Boston. 

Bucharest, with Professor Fradis

NIH support for studies in Moscow with professor A R Luria,


Hospital Appointments: 


1984 - 2006: University (Tisch) Hospital, NYU Medical Center (Attending) 

1984 - 2006: Bellevue Hospital (Attending) 

1988 - 2006: Hospital for Joint Disease (Consultant) 

1970 - c1980: St. John's Hospital (Consultant) 

1970 - 1975: St. Barnabus Hospital, Bronx (Director of Neurology) 

1979 - 1984: Goldwater Hospital, Director of Neurology 

1982 - 1990: Gracie Square Hospital (Consultant) 



1983: NIH Fogarty Center Grant US: Romania Exchange Program, Dr. A. Fradis and Dr. A. Kreindler, Bucharest 

1982: World Rehabilitation Fund, Rheinische Landesklinik fur Sprachgestorte, Prof. A Leischner, Bonn. 

1979: Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung, Rheinische Landesklinik, Prof. Leischner, Bonn

1976: NIH Fogarty Center, US:USSR Exchange Program, Moscow University Burdenko Institute, Prof. A.R. Luria, Moscow.

1977: NIH Fogarty Center Grant, Institute of Neurology, Prof. A. Kreindler, Bucharest.

1974: Foundations Fund for Research in Psychiatry, Centre Neuropsychologique et Neurolinguistique, Prof. H. Hecaen, Paris. 

1969: NIH Postdoctoral Research, Boston University Aphasia Research Center, Prof. N. Geschwind, Boston.

Editorial Boards (past and current): 

Acta Neuropsychologica, North American Editor


Brain and Language

British Journal of Communication Disorders 

Journal of Communication Disorders

Journal of Mental Imagery

Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease

Journal of Neurolinguistics


Language Sciences 



Editor, series in Neuropsychology, LEA, New Jersey:. 


Professional Societies (past and current): 


Academy of Aphasia 

American Academy of Neurology 

International Society for the Study of Time 

New York Neuropsychological Group 

Behavioral Neurology Society 

Chair, Linguistics Section, New York Academy of Sciences 

Scientific Awards:







Honorary publications:

Pachalska M. and Weber M. (Eds.) (2008) Neuropsychology and Philosophy of Mind in Process: Essays in Honor of Jason W. Brown Cover

Pachalska, M. (2012) Portrait of a scholar: Jason Walter Brown, Acta Neuropsychologica 10:125-153.


Microgenesis and the Mind/Brain State Interviews with Jason Brown pdf



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